Initinal Design Build Submission

Final Design Build Draft

The problem was I had to make a marble fall slower from two feet up. My solution was to make a design to make the marble fall slower. First you drop the marble into the tube. Next you watch the marble goes down the zigzag garden tube. After you watch the marble goes in the swirl garden tube. See how long it took for the marble to go down.
I need 5 ½ feet of garden hose, 1 marble, 1 paper bag cut in two,duct tape, and a stopwatch, a dictionary, and duct tape.
Why is it the best solution?
I think it is the best solution because I have materials that slow the marble down while it goes down, the design and the jump makes it take longer because it is in the air not on the ground.



5.36 second Trial 1
4.92 seconds trial 2
3.70 seconds trial 3
4.66 average

Progress Blog

Worked on or Work Completed
Goals for Next Class
Today I sketched my design solution and wrote down the materials I needed.
Bring in materials for Tuesday and construct my design. Adapt where necessary.
Today I worked on Microsoft Paint and Visio.
To finish my project on Visio.
Today I worked on Visio.
To write down the material, quantity, flow, and measurement.
Today I labeled what the pictures represented and how long they are
I will try to finish the measurements on all of the materials.
Today I got the measurements finished and started the explaination.
I will try to finish the explaination.
Today I almost finished my explaination.
I will try to post my project.
Today I posted and started my design.
I will try to finish my design.
Today I found some problems with the design.
Put on other materials to connect it.
Today I used duct tape to tape the tubing together and uploaded pictures.
Test the design.
Today I built my design with knex
Test and post the design and results.
Today I posted and tested my design.
Revise my visio design.