1.) I came up with a brainstorm list on objects a future classroom could hold
2.) I Drew out the objects I wanted to include
3.) I Drew a sloppy scetch of my classroom
4.) I Drew a final sketch and posted it on this wiki Futire_Classroom.jpg Sketched of objects in my classroom: My brainstorm list so far: Classroom_pic_1.jpg List of things that a future classroom could hold: © Instead of desks there could be just be chairs with pouches for personal belongings © Each student has a laptop or electronic board of their own—then you wouldn’t have to take anything but that home. © A large table where a group can sit © Comfy chairs/pillows for reading © A carpet that doesn’t hurt your elbows © Smart board © The teacher could have a device where she can see the other student’s screens © There could be a refrigerator holding water bottles © Each student could pick a class to take that is like an extra bonus (engineering, economics, cooking, drawing…) © Student could have erasable pens so they don’t have to sharpen pencils © Heating/Air-conditioner © An outdoor classroom nearby so the students could have fresh air in the spring © Supplies at each chair (scissors, glue, stapler…) © A large area of books that are appropriate for the grade of the students (picked by the teacher maybe) © Area full of colored paper, stickers, decorations, etc… for big projects © Devices that help you to study © Lots of windows for natural light to come through © Each classroom has a copier so the teacher doesn’t have to run down © There could be a bathroom in each classroom and water fountain © There could be massage chair and it could also have other medical care supplies in it.