• prop jug upsidedown
  • have one of those race car tracks with the loop turn jug upside down\
  • possible pendulum
  • rubberbands
toy car
ramp cardboard
!! Tried attaching jug didn't work with glue like I planed so in stead I had to use masking tape to hold it. It worked but i wanted to be sure so I used string as a backup.!!
!!Not sure if cardboard wil hold so covered it in plastic for further hold.!!
!! I am having trouble with the string the water keeps runnning up the strings making BIG messes. Sujested pulley system.!!
!! I came up with a new methyod to stop the water flow after it has beeen started.!!
!! I finally finished.the project I am pleased with the final results!
P3170020.JPGthis is the lid seal design I created
P3170021.JPGthis is my final design. please note the string dangling from it when the string is pulled the jug is moved from it's original position up sidedown to turn the oposite direction therefore stopping the water.

I have had some troble trying to make the video. It's not the camera it's just me and the people helping me. I have tried to make my video for about two classes now, I hope that today I will be sucessful.