Students will utilize media and web 2.0 technologies to develop design plans and share. My hope is that teachers can share ideas on what tools to use on this page so we may be able to continue inspiring our students to explore new advances in technology.

I am hoping to have students present their designs in Voice Thread, where they can upload digital images or movies, and record their explanations as well as convince partners their design is they best. A great aspect about Voice Thread is the ability to comment on each other’s Voice Thread presentations. I would encourage those teachers who have not yet used Voice Thread to check it out (its free). If you are new to web 2.0 technologies and would just like to work on the wikispace, students can submit their work on their own individual pages and then their partners can utilize the discussion tab to communicate their suggestions.

In the interest of collaboration, if there is a tool you feel would be a great for one or all of these design challenges, please add your suggestion and links on this page

Technology Resources:
Presentation Tools

Design Program
Google SketchUp (free)