Are you ready to be challenged?
Do you have what it takes to take a real life problem and use your critical thinking skills and problem solving abilites to develop feasible solutions?

If so.. use the Step by Step Plan below to ensure your way to becoming the Wikispace Kid Designer of 2009!

There are two parts to your Design Challenge Part One allows you to pursue your life as an engineer and designer by developing a design solution, reseaching facts and ideas to support your design, and the presenting your solution to an audience. In Part Two, your role changes as you become a Design Analyst who is responsible for reviewing possilbe solutions created by other students and providing feedback that will help them refine their designs and make them stronger! This will help you learn how to work collaboratively with other people to solve real life problems

Part One- A Life as a Designer/Engineer

  1. View the challenges and determine which design challenge you are interested in solving
  2. Investigate the problems presented in the challenge and brainstorming possible solutions, Using researching strategies online and offline, resarch your topic to locate some ideas to inspire your design and possilbe solution as well as susbstantiate your design/build
  3. Following your investigation, develop a design/build solution which should include:
  • A Visual Representation of your Design Idea ( digital images, sketches, movie, digital software design,etc)
  • An actual build(document by taking digital pictures, movie, etc)
  • A listing of materials you used in building your design
  • An explanation of your project
  • Reasons why your design and build is the best solution to the challenge

Part Two: A Life as a Design Analyst

View your partner's design solution and comment on the effectiveness of their solution. Think about parts of your partner's project that may need clarification, more detail, visuals, or explanations
Use the 3-2-1 Peer Review Form to comment on each other's designs and submit them in the dicussion tab or comment in audio via Voice Thead, or Audio Recording

Final Submissions

Read the comments your partner has provided for you and use them to enhance your design/build plan.
Submit your final build and design plan on your student page and make sure to indicate (Label) it Final Draft