Final Design Build Submission


Initial Design Build Draft


My solution is a door alarm that not only alarms you of somebody coming in it stops them from coming in. so my alarm will sense when somebody comes near the door and that will tell the motor to lock the door. Next an alarm will tell you that somebody is coming in. By using the NXT program I was able to program it so that the ultrasonic sensor will sense when somebody comes near the door. This will tell the motor to lock the door. Next the NXT will make a noise.
I think my solution is the best because lets say you are wrapping a present for your brother/sister’s birthday. My door alarm solution will stop intruders from entering as well as alarming you.

I have just found a problem that my motor is not able to hold on to the door with tape.

Work Progress Blog
Work in Progress or Work Completed
Goal for next Session
Today I drew the picture of the door alarm.
Draw the pictures on the computer.
new ideas for the door alarm.
bring in pieces for one of my solutions.
drew part of my best design on the computer using Notebook software.
continue working on the draft and placing labels in the draft design.
started placing labels on my draft design.
start explaining my project.
started explaining my project.
finish explaining my project.
Today, I installed the Mindstorm program and started to program the design.
I need to work on creating a visual for the lock section of my design. In addition, I need to bring in the pieces to program my door alarm.
today I finished explaining my solution and started writing my materials.
bring in materials for my solution.
continued building my solution.
bring in gears.
added the initial picture and explination.
build my design.
started building my design.
program at home and bring in more materials.