when I drop my marble it drops way too fast. I have slow down the marble with at least two obticals before it hits the ground.

My first idea's are:
1. drop marble from two feet in the air.
2. have a series of napkins and tissues to slow it down with.
3. have a shoot and slid for it to go down with blockages to slow it down.
4. set up mini blocks for it to crash into and slow down.
5. Have a wall behind the bowling pins to completly stop it.
6. Instead of a wall to stop it maybe I could have a base ball bat to stop it.

  • marbles
  • a slide
  • tissues
  • a shoot
  • blocks
  • a wall to completly stop it
  • possibly: base ball bat

March third 2009 problems
I needed one more obstical and I decided to put glue in the tube instead of tissues. I found that the tissues broke too easily. My other obstical is to put blockages going down the slide like tape so it can stick but not completly and slow down.