1. Become familiar with how to use Wikispaces. Not sure how to edit the wiki and add your ideas? Click here for directions.

  2. Create a letter to send home to parents introducing them to the project and asking for permission for their child to participate. Remember, the wiki is a public space which anyone may view, although only invited members may edit and make changes.

  3. If you wish to have students personally post their projects then you will want to create Wikispaces accounts for students. Wikispaces will do this for you without using email addresses if you give them usernames and passwords.

  4. All students will need VoiceThread accounts if they don't already have them. You can create a VoiceThread account for your class. If you prefer, you can create individual for your students using linked GMail accounts.

  5. All students will be partnered up. List all of your students in your class, one student per line in the column for your school. in the table on the Students and Partners page.

  6. Create a wiki page for every student in your class and add the link to it on the student and partner table .

  7. Explore the Technology Integration page and the Resources page

  8. Develop a lesson plan that will set students off to explore possible solutions, brainstorm ideas for designs, drafting plans and building their design solution. Other possible lessons include desciding on a presentation format and developing a final project that helps their audience understand their designs. I have designated a Teacher's Page for all of us to share and post ideas. Many Hands Make Light Work!

  9. Introduce the project to your students and watch the fun begin!


  • Guide students on following online safety behavior. No where should a student's full name be used.

  • Teachers should use the discussion tab at the top of the page to post questions or ideas for the project. You may also email me via this wiki or at

  • Your ideas are always welcome!

  • All students are made members of this wiki (All teachers are organizers of this wiki so that they can make their own students members).

  • Teachers, please feel free to use the Lesson Plan Page to post your lesson ideas for the project.