Final Design Build Submission

Initial Design Build Draft

I decided I needed to ajusted my draft be using more materials the materials are 2 weights, 2 6in. wood pieces, 2 2ft. 3in. wood pieces, 1 1ft. rod, twine, 3 4in. wood pieces, 1 1ft. wood piece, 2 socks and nails

My design involves a person picking up their foot and letting water pour out of the jug. Then, when a person puts their foot down, it will stop the water from flowing.

This happens when the bottom of the stick is attached to a nail, which is used for an axle. The top of the stick will have duck tape which allows it to stick to the jug. The foot slot is attached to the stick about a foot away from the nail (axle). And then, when the person lifts the foot up it will pick up the stick, which tips over the jug and pours out the water. When the person puts their foot down, the stick will come down and pulling the jug back to an upright position. This stops the water from flowing.

Progress Log

Work completed and work in progress
Goals for Next Class

printed page and made a blog
started talking about problem and solution
sketch Idea

Today I started the problem and solution graphic organizer and helped the nature people find habitats.
I want to finish my problem and solution graphic organizer and sketch my project.

today I finished my problem and solution graphic organizer and started sketching.
I want to finish my sketch

today I finished my sketch and made the arrows pointing the that the project will flow
I want to make measurements

today I drew my measurements for how long I want everything to be and found a software program to sketch my project on
I want to sketch my project on the computer

today I finished sketching my project on the computer and started labeling it
I want to finish labeling my project

today I started labeling my project
I want to finish labeling my project
Genius Cross- I am noticing that your blog is not helping you to generate clear objectives for your project. I would like for you to clearly state what you have worked on and state specifically what you will work on in the next session. Seeing these details will allow you to reflect on what you may need help with as well as determine how much time you can take on each section.

Please compete your visual piece today and then start working on the explanation which incorporates the following questions:

  1. What is the problem that is needed to be solved and what is your project?
  2. Walk your audience throughout your solution to the design challenge making sure to provide further explanation in unclear parts of your design.
  3. Explain why your solution is the best when solving the design challenge.
Today I created a ground line for 2 designs. The reason I did this was so my audience would know it did not stand up. I continued to label my drawings. I realized when you want to create a 3D object on a 2D picture, it is just a flat object.
My goal for next time is to continue labelling as well as creating a ground line for the final picture. I would like to add my designs to the website and start the explanation.

today I finished my explaintion and I posted it and my desing
my goal for next week is to build my project

today I built my project and made some ajustments to my project I tested my project and it didn't work
my goal is to confrence and get new ideas

today I made a list of materials to help make my project better
my goal for next week is to build my new design