Problem:Need to wash hands with no sink.Need to find contraption to help wash hands without having to touch the jug.
Materials:1 jug,lever,(Tree),(water),jug holder.

Procedure #1: Tie string to tree. Tie other end to jug. Put jug holder on top of tree so you can tip over jug and let water out. When done washing hands pull other end of string so handle of jug clicks in jug holder.
Procedure #2: Stick lever through tree. Attatch other side of lever to jug. To activate pull opposite side of lever and place hand under the area of water falling. I changed this procedure later and below are pictures of my final design. Also, one of the big changes was the subtractiion of the lever. I later went on to decide to work off of this procedure.
Procedure #3:Fill jug with water. To activate,put hand in water. Below is a list of pictures.The bottom one was my original idea.
P4210236.JPGside (far)



back(left)side (close)(below)P4210239.JPG