What to Do:
When you are ready to review your partner’s design, use the feedback procedure below.
Remember your Internet Etiquette when you respond to your partner.

Where to Respond:
You will have to determine how your partner decides to present their design. If they use a tool that allows you to record your feedback, you can follow the procedures below and respond using audio. If your partner uses just the wiki page, use the discussion tab and write your response in the message area.

Feedback Procedures:
These question stems, as designed by Peter Elbow, elicit quality, usable and positive feedback for writers. The key is to follow the question stems exactly. Frame your feedback in the following ways:

“I see…”
This is where you share what your see while you are evaluating the design. It’s a summarized statement of what you see, what was shared, and what you understand thus far

“I liked…”

Point out their problem solving approach and their ability to identify or anticipate problems, elaboration on design, imagination and creativity in their design, awareness of their audience
“I wondered…”
“I had a question about…”

“I was looking for an example of…”

This is where you are looking for something more or to clarify any confusion or potential flaws in their design.