My second solution

Another solution I made that worked was to have my cart hooked up on two strings. One string in the front of the cart that stretches to the door knob. The second in the back that stretches to the bed. When the door opens the string in front breaks off the cart. The string in the back then pulls the cart under the bed. The intruder cannot see my work because it is on the cart and the cart rolled under the bed.

My first solution works

My solution worked as planned. The trip wire pulled the counterweight down on to the rope. The rope moved and I noticed. I slid the cart under the bed and the person walking in doesn't see my work. One flaw that I could have changed was that the counterweight made a loud noise when it fell on the wire.

This is my cart Jacob_004.jpg


My Progress

I have made everything I need now I just have to add everything together. I made my cart, I have my thread, rope and my weak object.

Major Problem

Make a door alarm

Revised problem

Be able to hide your stuff that you don't want someone to see before the person enters the room

Brainstorm List of ways to deal with the problem